Meet The Team

Introducing the dynamic team here at Play & Collect, See below for a list of our responsibilities and backgrounds and get to know us a little better!

Marcus - A wild and crazy guy with a big personality, The only thing bigger than his persona is his love for this company, its customers and employees.

Business Management, Multi-National Corporation

Store & Website Manager


Colin - Colin is a quiet gentle gu.....WAIT a second! Once you get to know him he's the funniest, such a dry sense of humor and a great person!

Radio Broadcasting



Jasmine - Has a ridiculous collection, super laid back and a pleasure to be around. Jasmine we found at the local pool doing her thing and brought her on for her wealth of computer skills and customer service knowledge

Network Security Engineering

Asst. Store Manager  


Connor - He is prim and proper, intelligent and articulate. Writing keeps him very busy, but we are lucky enough to get some of his time on weekends and evenings! 

Business & Liberal Arts

Supervisor/Part Time


Stephanie-  Stephanie is high energy and has a passion for many things! She is the Web Administer and Founder at Hairless Heroes and an advocate for her Feline friends, both hairless and fuzzy. She has a strong passion for computer gaming and has built her own PC and is also a fantastic web designer! She also is a lot of fun and hillarious! We love our STEPHY! 

New Media Web Design

Front Line/Part Time


Brenda - She is one of our newest members, Brenda has a background in Event Planning and a Diploma from Georgian College. She is a local celebrity mom, with 3 kids and a very strong knowledge set for customer service and online business interactions.

Event Planning and Hotel Management 

Social Media/Part Time 


Sarah - Another noob to the team. Sarah is sweet and extemely helpful with customers. Her strong customer service skills and knowledge of the market goes far beyond almost anyone who walks through the doors. Specifcally a horror genre collector, Sarah knows the the values and history of almost every product we sell collectible wise. 

Retail & Customer Service

Front Line/Part Time