Flashfire Billy Zane Louis Gossett Jr

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When police detective Jack Flinder and his partner Art investigate a series of arson attacks, they come too close to the truth and Art is ruthlessly murdered. The only witness to the execution is Art's girlfriend, Lisa, and she teams up with Flinder in order to catch the killer and revenge Art's death. However, the more they learn about the arsons, the more their own lives are at stake -- especially when it turns out that the murderers are stationed right inside the police department.


Billy Zane... Jack Flinder
Louis Gossett Jr.... Ben Durand
Kristin Minter... Lisa Cates
Louis Giambalvo... Al Sherwin
Tom Mason... Art Cantrell
Caroline Williams... Ann
Ric Drasin... Kraus von Zeck
Arthur Hansel... Ralph Flinder
Mimi Kennedy... Kate Cantrell
Mark L. Taylor... Curt
Gregory Millar... Paulie
Katherine LaNasa... Monica Ambrose
Carrie-Anne Moss... Meredith Neal
Brian Mahoney... Phillip Keating
Mike Mahoney... Phillip Keating

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