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Lassie Come Home - Faithful collie dog is sold by her poor family, but she travels 1,000 miles to return home to her master. Based on novel by Eric Knight. Stars Elizabeth Taylor. The first in the series of "Lassie" movies. Here, Sam Carraclough sells the collie to a rich family, much to the dismay of both Lassie, and Sam's young son Joe. Lassie misses the Carracloughs so much that, with "dogged" determination, she attempts a dangerous, adventure-filled cross-country trip back home. Will the boy and his dog be reunited? After her poor family sells her, the almost-human Collie travels 1,000 miles to return to them. Academy Award Nominations: Best (Color) Cinematography.LASSIE COME HOME was added to the Library of Congress National Film Registry in 1993. Filmed in three-strip Technicolor.

Son of Lassie - Lassie's son, Laddie, sneaks off to the army with his owner, and gets into all kinds of mischief. Stars Peter Lawford. Joe Carraclough has gone off to RAF training school, leaving behind his beloved Lassie and her pup, Laddie. Ever faithful, Laddie follows Joe to the Academy and stows away on his plane, just as they embark on a dangerous mission. Shot down over enemy territory, the two must now depend on each other for survival. Sequel to "Lassie Come Home" (1943).

Courage of Lassie - Third of a series of 'Lassie' films made by MGM. stars Lassie as Bill, a pup who's been separated from his mother. At first,he has no one to love except other animals. One day he is found by a young girl who adopts him. But a car accident separates them. Bill becomes part of WWII K-9. and battle fatigue overwhelms him. He becomes vicious & has to be rehabilitated.
Despite the film's title, the collie that stars here is not Lassie... but the equally spirited "Bill." The adventuresome pooch begins what promises to be a hard life when he's abandoned in the forest. There, he runs into a variety of wildlife, including a bear and a skunk. Then he finds a home with a warm-hearted teenager, Kathie Merrick, who begins to train him as a sheep dog. After he's hurt, however, he gets yet another new home... and then is shipped off to fight in the Second World War! Bill returns home from battle a junkyard dog of sorts. Terrible surroundings, and a lack of care, make matters worse for the usually affable canine. Only under Kathie's loving guidance will he again be the sweet, obedient collie of yore.
Lassie is a young pup who is accidentally shot and then rescued by a teenager who nurses her back to health. Soon, another accident occurs, separating Lassie and her new master, when a soldier captures her, training her to fight in World War II.
Color by Technicolor. Additional cast: Jane Green (Mrs. Elson) and Conrad Binyon (Second Youth).

Source: Warner Home Video

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