3 Flashfire+N. Lampoon Last Resort+Blood & Sand

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  • 3 Flashfire+N. Lampoon Last Resort+Blood & Sand
  • 3 Flashfire+N. Lampoon Last Resort+Blood & Sand
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1. FLASHFIRE.... Billy Zane, Louis Gossett, Jr.... When police detective Jack Flinder and his partner Art investigate a series of arson attacks, they come too close to the truth and Art is ruthlessly murdered. The only witness to the execution is Art's girlfriend, Lisa, and she teams up with Flinder in order to catch the killer and revenge Art's death. However, the more they learn about the arsons, the more their own lives are at stake -- especially when it turns out that the murderers are stationed right inside the police department.

2. NATIONAL LAMPOON LAST RESORT.... Sam (Corey Feldman) and David (Corey Haim) are just your average guys leading quiet lives until Sam's crazy old Uncle Rex (Geoffery Lewis) summons them into his bizarre resort island in the Caribbean. Uncle Rex needs help saving "Treasure Island" from his old nemesis Hemlock (Robert Mandan). Going undercover as CIA agents/ scuba instructors, the guys team up with a hilarious bunch of coconut heads, including a bubble-headed mermaid, a Rastafarian flasher and a couple of way bodacious babes! In a wild ending, Sam and Dave must pass the "Three Tests of Valor" to save crazy Uncle Rex's island. Last Resort is the most outrageous National Lampoon film yet and is sure to become your best getaway ever! Don't miss President Bill Clinton's brother Roger.

3. BLOOD & SAND... Starring Sharon Stone and Christopher Rydell ("Mask"), is a passionate and twisted tale of lust, deceit and obsession between a man, his wife and his lover. Christopher Rydell, while in pursuit of his dream to become a famous athlete, meets Sharon Stone, a rich and sexy, but evil woman. Despite his marriage, Rydell becomes obsessed with her bewitching ways, and the two are soon entangled in a dangerous and devastating relationship. As he rises to fame, so does his torrid affair until the illicit relationship becomes a public scandal. Rydell must now learn to cope with the loss of his wife, lover and his dream of stardom.

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