Turbocad MAC Designer 2-D Precision Drafting

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Powerful and simple to use, TurboCAD Mac Designer 2D delivers comprehensive drafting and design tools typically found in professional level CAD programs. Explore your ideas using intuitive design tools, automated user tips and customizable keyboard shortcuts. Produce anything from simple sketches to standards compliant, production ready drawings. With intuitive snaps, alignments, prompts, hints and online help, even beginners can quickly get up to speed.

Create floor plans, landscapes, diagrams, circuit boards, toy models, electronics, maps, logos, illustrations and more!

Perfect for Architects, Engineers, Builders, Designers, Contractors, Illustrators, Educators, Students, Hobbyists & more!

New Features
New! Drafting Assistant
The Drafting Assistant thinks like a drafter. It automatically knows where construction lines are typically wanted and displays them temporarily when necessary.

New! TurboCAD Explorer
Manage your designs with the intuitive layer manager, TurboCAD Explorer - a valuable tool for traversing the design history of a drawing. The features list displays the most recent items at the top of the list.

New! File Convert
Convert single images to other file formats or convert groups of images using the powerful new batch conversion tool.

New! Multi-sheet PDF
Save your designs as single or multipage PDFs in standard or custom sizes for sending via e-mail.

Improved AutoCAD Compatibility
Enhanced DXF/DWG translator for increased compatibility

Complete Set of 2D Drafting Tools
Line tools, Arc tools , Curve tools , Circle tools , Ellipse tools , Polygon tools , Spline tools, Text tools, Dimensioning tools , Fillet & Chamfer tools , 2D Modifier tools , Transformation tools

500 Floor Plans
Start from scratch or choose from any one of these pre-designed floor plans you can customize to make each one your own.

Over 7,000 2D Symbols and Parts
Choose from thousands of parts and symbols to effortlessly add to your design including electrical, mechanical, bathroom, kitchen, construction, LAN, CMOS, doors, windows, counters, fasteners, HVAC and more.

Quickly locate x, y coordinates, tangents and perpendiculars

Advanced Editing
Select an object and easily change the geometry in the Edit Objects window. All values appear as whole numbers or decimals and can be entered in any units desired.

Graphic Design Compatible
Easily import your graphic designs files into TurboCAD and turn them into precision CAD drawings with dimensions. Just as easily, you can export to technical drawings from TurboCAD into desktop publishing formats, perfect for use in brochures and all other marketing materials. Import or export from these popular formats.

AutoCAD DWG/DXF, JPEG (export only) , CGM (import only) , Adobe EPS (export only) , Adobe Illustrator , BMP , PICT , Spline (export only) , TEXT , Claris CAD (import only)

Minimum system requirements:

  • G4
  • 256 MB of RAM
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