TRITTON Kama Stereo Headset - Xbox One & Mobile Devices Mad Catz NEW

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Built for the Xbox One console's multiplayer online environments, TRITTON's officially licensed Kama Stereo Headset delivers unbeatable performance, comfort, and value. Directly connecting to the Xbox One wireless controller with nearly any device with a 3.5mm jack - you're free to play in full stereo no matter where the game takes you.

  • Intuitive Connectivity - A 3.5mm headphone jack enables compatibility with portable gaming consoles, plus most tablets, laptops, notebooks and smartphones
  • Flexible Performance Microphone - Ideal for multiplayer Xbox Live video games like Killer Instinct and Forza Motorsport, a bendable mic properly aligns with your mouth. Efficient microphone alignment boosts chat sound quality when using headsets
  • Highly Comfortable - The padded head rail on Kama headphones provides extra cushioning for videogame marathons of Titan fall, Battlefield, Assassin's Creed, Halo, Watch Dogs, The Crew, Destiny, Sunset Overdrive, Wolfenstein, The Division and more
  • Unmatched Value - A headset that sounds this good and is compatible with so many different gaming platforms offers a tremendous cost-to-benefit ratio. The ergonomically designed Kama delivers fantastic stereo sound no matter where the game takes you
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