The Cave

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A sexy bunch of underwater explorers are summoned to Romania's Carpathian Mountains, where scientists have discovered a gigantic cave network containing a lengthy underground river. Cutting-edge breathing gear gets unpacked, camaraderie and budding romances develop, and then everyone becomes trapped in the depths, where monsters start picking off cast members, one by one. Escape depends on Jack, played by the dependably steely-eyed Cole Hauser (Paparazzi), who picked up a bad monster bite that may have infected his mind. Super-vixen Charlie (Piper Perabo) stands by him and displays a soothing screen presence as the tomboy rock climber in the crew, while Leana Headey plays the sexy Romanian biologist who fears that Jack is turning into a monster himself.

  • Category: Horror, Thriller, Adventure, Suspense, Monsters, Adventurers
  • Starring: Cole Hauser, Morris Chestnut, Piper Perabo, Marcel Iures, Eddie Cibrian, Rick Ravanello, Lena Headey, Kieran Darcey-Smith, Daniel Dae Kim
  • Director: Bruce Hunt
  • Rating: PG-13
  • Running Time: 97 Minutes
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