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The Big Mix - It's the all-in-one tool for home musicians of any skill level. Turn your home recording into studio-quality sound and make music like never before. Whether you're created orchestral pieces or hypnotic dance tracks, you'll find everything you need here! Spark LE is real processing for people who want pristine sounds from their home audio - features tools like Tempo Delay, a One-Band EQ with selectable Notch, Low Pass, High Pass, Parametric types of equalization & more

  • Audio Hijack: if your computer plays it, Audio Hijack can record it.
  • Disco: Spin a mean mix with this software designed for "live" mixing. It's easy to access the mixer, two players, music library, and playlist editor, all from one window.
  • Doggiebox: create and manipulate percussion-based songs with this versatile drum machine application.
  • GrooveMaker 2.5 LE: Create hypnotic, non-stop electronic dance tracks, in real-time, with professional results. GrooveMaker comes with a massive CD-ROM library of high-quality, and 250 studio-ready loops.
  • IPodRip: Publish your playlists! Copy tracks from your iPod to iTunes library or play them via iTunes directly from your iPod.
  • iTunes Publisher: Sort, format, and export playlists from iTunes into the following formats: HTML, text, Tabbed-Text, Quicktime Streaming Server, and M3U general playlist format.
  • Making More Music: Kids and grown-ups alike can compose musical masterpieces quickly and easily by drawing notes with a mouse. Grab a mouse and create an orchestra!
  • MP3 Rage: Edit ID3 tags. Analyze MP3's, export MP3 files to AIFF format for burning CD's, play MP3 files, catalog, organize, rename, find, and change thousands of MP3 files and their ID3 tags quickly and painlessly.
  • Spark LE: satisfy even the most demanding media producers with a built-in, mastering-quality, audio maximizer and a flexible tempo delay, plus a one-band EQ.

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.3 Panther compatible and require a Mac with at least a 200 MHz G3 processor or better and Mac OS X 10.1 or higher, except for iPodRip which requires 10.2 or higher. Installation consumes at least 35 MB of hard drive space, and as much as 500 MB

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