Street Fighter V Mini Series Kid Robot Mini Mystery (contains 1 blind box)

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Blind packaged - which figure you receive is a mystery

20 units are for sale in this listing, NOT ONE

In celebration of the release of Street Fighter V, Kidrobot brings a brand new Street Fighter Mini Series! This mini series features exciting new characters from the game! Each figure comes packaged in a blind box style. Every box is a surprise!Collect them all:Birdie - 2/20Cammy - 2/20Charlie Nash - 1/20Chun Li - 1/20Dhalsim - 1/40Fang - 3/40Karin - 3/80Ken - 2/20Laura - 1/20M Bison - 1/20Mika - 1/80Necalli - 3/40Rashid - 1/20Ryu - 2/20Vega - 1/20Zangief - 3/40


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