Raid: World War II Playstation 4

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Bring slaughter to every corner of Hitler’s Reich in RAID: World War II for Xbox One. This action-packed 4-player co-op shooter is set during a time when the Nazis were winning. Play as 1 of 4 customizable heroes and choose 1 of 4 different classes, each with its own unique skill tree and War Cry ability.

RAID: World War II

  • Action-packed 4-player co-op shooter set during a time when the Nazis were winning and hope was in short supply
  • Four prisoners of war are found in a raid on a Gestapo jail and are freed by "Mrs. White," a secret British intelligence agent
  • She needs someone to take down Hitler and the Third Reich once and for all
  • Takes place in locations across war-torn Europe, from the mighty Flakturm dominating the heart of Berlin to the idyllic bridge over the Elbe

Not all heroes wear masks

  • Playable heroes are drawn from the main combatants in the European theatre of World War II, Great Britain, USA, Germany and the Soviet Union, each with a unique look and fully customizable uniform
  • Players can choose from 4 different classes: Recon, Assault, Insurgent, or Demolitions
  • Each class has their own highly developed skill tree, allowing for various play styles
  • Each class has its unique War Cry, a powerful ability that can be unleashed to buff yourself or the entire team

Great risks, greater rewards

  • Operations are a chained series of highly-modified raids, featuring new storylines, unique content, and objectives to extend your adventures and get better gear
  • Weapons can be modified, upgraded, and customized in lots of different ways
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