Mortal Kombat X Official Wired Fight Pad - Arcade Style XBOX One / 360 NEW

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The Mortal Kombat X Wired Fight Pad is specifically designed with fighting games in mind. Players can benefit from the strategically placed buttons, ergonomic grip, and precision D-Pad. The face buttons are arranged in two rows of three for optimal hand placement during game play. All 6 face buttons utilize micro-switches, giving the player tactile and audible feedback, perfect for quick, flawless combos. Users can experience fighting games on a whole new level. The full d-pad provides precise movement controls, designed specifically with fighting games in mind.

  • Officially licensed by Sony and WB
  • Arcade style micro-switch fight pad
  • Backward compatible with Xbox 360
  • Six button arcade style layout
  • Low profile Share and Options buttons
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