Mia's Reading Adventure Grandma's Remedy

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Mia is an adorable little mouse who lives in the attic of a charming old Victorian house on Carrington Lane. One day Mimi, Mia’s grandmother, suddenly becomes very sick and asks Mia to go to the store to get the ingredients she needs to make her medicine. But as soon as the quest begins, Romaine Rat robs Mia of her "Sparklies" and now she must also earn the currency needed to buy the ingredients.

Invited by Mia to join her on her quest, the player guides Mia through a beautiful 3D world, solving various challenges, as well as practicing literacy skills. The Mia series features a specially adapted, navigation engine that grants children complete control over the main character, Mia. Many surprises, discoveries, and other characters await, as Mia and her friend find their way through a very special house in an interactive animated story that will captivate children from beginning to end.

A Learning Adventure

Mia has been designed to support the school’s curriculum from kindergarten to grade three, and includes nine exciting full-featured literary-skills activities each with four distinct levels of difficulty.

Throughout this adventure the player will develop many basic and intermediate skills and must use logic, memory, observation, and concentration in order to explore this captivating 3D world as seen from the perspective of a mouse.

Skills taught:
Spelling, vocabulary, early reading, phonics, word recognition, sentence comprehension, and rhymes. Mia’s Adventure products have been tested by educators, parents, and the toughest critics of all--kids.

  • Exciting, interactive, learning adventure with Mia the mouse
  • 9 full-featured literary-skills activities each with 4 levels of difficulty
  • Specially adapted, navigation engine for complete control over Mia
  • Teaches spelling, vocabulary, reading, phonics, word recognition, and more
  • For kids ages 5 to 9

System Requirements

Platforms: Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP,

Mac OS X - May not work on latest MAC OS versions

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