McFarlane Toys Titanfall 2 BT-7274 10" Deluxe Figure

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In the 2014 smash-hit Titanfall, players battle for freedom in the Frontier as both fast and agile Pilots and 20-foot tall armored Titans. As one of history’s most highly-anticipated video game sequels, Titanfall 2 delivers an advanced, revolutionary multiplayer that offers numerous specialized Titans, expanded Pilot abilities, and deeper customizations to elevate the fast-paced and thrilling gameplay fans crave from the series.


- Spectacular likeness of BT-7274 Titan captured directly from in-game 3D models
- Articulated BT-7274 Titan with 3" Pilot Jack Cooper figure
- Includes X016-A2 Titan weapon
- 3" Pilot Jack Cooper figure attaches to top of BT-7274 Titan, recreating authentic in-game action

BT-7274 is a highly advanced Vanguard-class Titan with a voice of his own. BT-7274 observes three protocols: Link to Pilot, Uphold the Mission, and Protect the Pilot. When his original Pilot is killed in action, BT-7274 is left with no other option but to link with Rifleman Jack Cooper in order to uphold the mission and survive.

10" Deluxe Figure Details
- Highly-detailed deluxe figure is based on the BT-7274 Titan from Electronic Arts' Titanfall video game series
- Figure stands approximately 10-inches tall
- Includes weapon and 3" Pilot Jack Cooper

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