LEGO Racers 1 & 2 CART 3D Racing

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LEGO RACERS 1: Build, Customize, Race and Win! With amazing 3D graphics and an original racing soundtrack, this racing game challenges you to put both your driving and building skills to the test. Build or choose a car, then race it through exciting LEGO worlds.
The in-depth tutorials and easy to use controls give you help in your track battles. You'll need it too, if you want to take on the fastest racer of them all Rocket Racer!
- Learn the tricks of each track, including short-cuts, power-ups and track hazards.
- Race against Minifigures from popular LEGO SYSTEM themes, including Captain Redbeard, King Kahuka and Ann Droid.
- Build your car from scratch, using real LEGO bricks or select one of the pre-designed models.
- Create and customize your LEGO driver and driving license.
- peed through 12 different tracks in 4 LEGO worlds.
- Race against up to 5 other opponents or challenge a friend in split screen mode.
- Real-time 3D engine gives you a thrilling driver's eye view of the race.
- Construct your own custom car and driver.
- Play against a friend in split-screen mode.
- Choose from twelve different tracks..........

LEGO RACERS 2: Start your engines! Rocket Racer is back and he's teamed up with the toughest competitors in the galaxy to bring racers of all ages this awesome challenge.
Players must win their races, keep their cars on the road and muster all their adventure racing skills to find and collect the elusive Golden Bricks the only way to conquer each of the five new LEGO worlds.
- Features five incredible new 3-D environments.
- Every track has tricks, including short-cuts, power-ups and track hazards.
- Take on the meaner, leaner Rocket Racer for the title of Galactic Racing Champion.
- Challenge a friend in two-player mode and choose from the Arcade, Battle and League options.
- Find the hidden portals to access a special bonus game for each world.
- Race in Adventure, Arcade and Time Attack playing modes.
- Design a customized LEGO driver.
- Build your own LEGO car from scratch or select one of the pre-designed models.
- Design a custom driver for your car.
- Battle a friend in two-player mode.
- Race and explore on and off the road.

Microsoft Windows 98;ME;XP Home; Minimum System Requirements: Processor PENTIUM II; 400Mhz; 128 MB Memory; 800 Mb Hard disk; Keyboard; Mouse; CD 12X; Sound Card; Video Card 16 MB; Direct X

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