Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back - Kevin Smith

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Category: Comedies, Friends, Drugs, Buddies, On-The-Road, Hollywood, Road Movies

Starring: Jason Mewes, Joey Lauren Adams, Wes Craven, Matt Damon, Carrie Fisher, Chris Rock, Ben Affleck, Will Ferrell, Mark Hamill, George Carlin, Jason Lee, Kevin Smith, Judd Nelson, Eliza Dushku, Shannon Elizabeth, James Van Der Beek, Morris Day, Ali Larter, Seann William Scott, Jeff Anderson, Diedrich Bader, Jason Biggs, Brian O'Halloran, Gus Van Sant, Renee Humphrey, Dwight Ewell

Director: Kevin Smith

Editor: Kevin Smith, Scott Mosier

Producer: Scott Mosier

Screenwriter: Kevin Smith

Jay and Silent Bob find out that Miramax, thanks to their old bud Banky Edwards, is making a feature film adaptation of their comic book alter egos, Bluntman and Chronic. Not only that, but they aren't getting their share of the profits and some losers on the Internet are bad mouthing their "good names." They decide to set out from Red Bank, New Jersey and head to Hollywood to put an end to this movie once and for all. Along the way, the drug-peddling duo run into all sorts of interesting and misguided individuals. Stars Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Shannon Elizabeth, Ben Affleck, Will Ferrell, Jason Lee, et al

Writer-director Kevin Smith's fifth and final installment of his New Jersey Chronicles (which began in 1994 with the breakout, low-budget comedy Clerks) is a chance for scene-stealing, foulmouthed stoner Jay (Jason Mewes) and his taciturn sidekick/"hetero life mate" Silent Bob (Smith) to carry their own movie. When comic store mogul Brodie (Jason Lee, reprising his Mallrats role) informs Jay and Silent Bob that a movie featuring their comic book alter egos, Bluntman and Chronic, is about to be made, the duo demands a cut from the comic's creator, Holden (Ben Affleck, in his Chasing Amy role). Holden explains that his ex-partner, Banky (Lee again) has sold them out, and shows them some angry Internet posts from Bluntman and Chronic fans. Fearing for their reputations, Jay and Silent Bob embark on a cross-country odyssey to Hollywood to stop the film. En route, they run afoul of a Charlie's Angels-type jewelry thief ring--one of whom, Justice (Shannon Elizabeth) takes a liking to Jay--an orangutan, a Federal Wildlife Marshall (Will Ferrell), and Miramax studio security. Smith's fond farewell to his intertwined Jersey characters is a lovingly crude, broad comedy rife with celebrity cameos, slapstick movie spoofs, and clever jabs at Hollywood.

Theatrical release: August 24, 2001

Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back Reviews:

"...One of the most good-natured, ebullient and enjoyable comedies in ages..." -- James White, Total Film

"...As funny as humanly possible....I laughed until my face hurt..."-- Glenn Kenny, Premiere

"...Jay And Silent Bob does have some tickling good notions....There's also some shockingly funny stuff....And not since the days of Mr. Hope and Son Of Paleface have so many performers appeared as themselves, or made fun of themselves..." -- Elvis Mitchell, New York Times

"...Full of hearty laughs....[The] episodes provoke knowing giggles, ending Smith's 'New Jersey Chronicles' on a high note..." -- Mike Clark, USA Today

"...There are lots of hilarious, off-the-wall incidents, and the film has a likable, freewheeling spirit to go with its knockabout plot..."-- Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

Running Time: 104 Minutes

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