Hoyle 9 Enchanted Puzzle Games Mahjong++

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Do you like enchantment, adventure, and magic spells?? Can you cipher out a puzzle or two? If so, then Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles is the game for you. Help a young apprentice become a powerful wizard by playing through a variety of puzzle challenges.?Guide the young wizard-to-be on her quest to find the Wizard Of Skye. Throughout this journey, you will meet various mentors who will help unlock new challenges and clues. Over 200 Challenging Levels with 9 different game types such as Match-3, Racing, Fishing, Solitaire, Tile Inlay, Mahjong, and so much more, that will entertain you for hours Increase your sorcery skills by mastering games in order to attain points in the area of mind, nature and craft Meet interesting characters like the Gnome King, the Rune Master, the Gypsy Mystic and many others that will aid you in your quest for the Wizard of Skye. Your destiny as a wizard is tied to the type of games that you play and the choices you make. System Requirements: Windows XP / Vista, Pentium IV 1.7GHZ processor or faster, 512MB RAM, 50MB hard drive space, DirectX 9.0 compatible 32MB video card, keyboard, mouse.

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