Hexic Deluxe Puzzle Tetris

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Looking for a fresh puzzle challenge? Then put your mind to Hexic Deluxe, the game of rotating colored pieces to create clusters of three or more same-colored blocks and remove them from the board. Earn bonus points for forming flowers and other special combinations. Play your tiles right, and you may even snag the elusive black pearl! Enhanced graphics with brighter colors. Full-screen mode for maximized fun.

Hexic is the new puzzle hit from the original creator of Tetris. Players who enjoy quick puzzle games can find challenging entertainment in Hexic Deluxe. By rotating each hexagonal shape clockwise and counter-clockwise, gamers match up colored gems and eliminate them from the board.
Beginners may learn the game in the tutorial, while more experienced players can try "Marathon," "Timed," and "Survival" mode.
Hexic Deluxe also features a save option so gamers can finish their game at a later time.

  • Unlimited, unrestricted gameplay
  • Play in three modes - Marathon, Timed or the challenging new Survival Mode
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Group of tiles will rotate until a match of three same-colored tiles is created; If no match is found, the tiles will rotate to their start position
  • Earn bonus points for creating flowers and other special combinations.
  • High-score list to track your personal best
  • System Requirements - Windows ME/2000/XP/VISTA, 600MHz or faster Processor, 128 MB RAM

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