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Take the popular game show host Buzz! on the road with Buzz!: Master Quiz for the PSP (PlayStation Portable)! Buzz!: Master Quiz includes all-new round types and over 5,000 questions on topics including music, celebrities, TV, sports, science, nature, movies and more, putting your knowledge to the test at home or on the move. Play different quiz challenges by yourself, or enjoy the 3 new multiplayer modes (Pass Around, Fastest Finger, or Quiz Master) with your family and friends. Get ready to Buzz!-in today.

  • Over 5,000 Unique Questions
  • Over 1,000 Picture, Video, and Music Assets
  • Enhanced Single-Player Mode with 15 Quiz Challenges
  • Six All-New Single and Multiplayer Round Types
  • Buzz! buzzers Not Required - the PSP Becomes Your Buzzer
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