Our Story

Play & Collect opened its doors on July 13/2015, in the heart of Beamsville Ontario...

Here at Play & Collect we are all about the customer experience! Our amazing staff is well versed in Nerdism and is up to snuff in the current market of collecting and video games. A purchase with Play & Collect is a satisfying experience for a number of reasons! Store front staff are all collectors of something. Whether it be Store Manager Marcus with his retro video game collection, Supervisor Colin with his Funko and Video game collection, Supervisor Giuseppe with his comics and action figures (not to mention his ridiculously well versed knowledge of movies) Tom with his Cosplay costumes(mostly homemade) or Jasmine with her growing rare Funko and massive Amiibo collection, WE ARE COLLECTORS TOO! Why is this important? 

We have all made purchases with other companies and been completely heart broken when it shows up damaged or inaccurate to our desire. Because of this, we have all made an extreme commitment to packaging and accuracy. We have passed this on to our shipping department who has bought into this philosophy.

A purchase with us is a guarantee of satisfaction, a personal experience with one on one customer service.

Are we full of Bologna? NO! Check out this Facebook testimonial. A hundred more on our Facebook Page!;


-By FAR one of the BEST retailer Funko experiences to date. Double boxed, bubble wrapped and personally signed and packaged by an associate. You are what collectors are craving for and I appreciate the care and thoughtfulness of your business model for POP! collectors :D Cheers from the U.S.A!  -Mathew R

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 Meet The Team


(Left to Right)



Tom - Video Game Development 

Marcus: Manager-Management Multinational Corporation, Red Cross Canada

Colin: Behind the Scenes - Diploma of Radio Broadcasting

Giuseppe: Supervisor -  Bachelors of International Commerce & Global Development , Advanced Diploma International Business

Jasmine - Computer Systems Technology - Network Engineering and Security Analyst